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UFO Moviez Film Distribution has the unique advantage of being the only company with a presence in PAN India. The head office and the regions have independent teams for each of the following tasks: commercial, marketing, and accounting, which generate a lot of confidence amongst the stakeholders.

Movies Distributed25th Dec 2020 Onwards
Jalandhar Jalandhar
Delhi Delhi
Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
Jaipur Jaipur
Lucknow Lucknow
Guwahati Guwahati
Patna Patna
Kolkata Kolkata
Cuttack Cuttack
Silliguri Silliguri
Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
Ranchi Ranchi
Bhusawal Bhusawal
Amravati Amravati
Nagpur Nagpur
Raipur Raipur
Indore Indore
Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
Mumbai Mumbai
Bangalore Bangalore
Chennai Chennai
Cochin Cochin
Hyderabad Hyderabad
Vijayawada Vijayawada

Represent 24 regional offices PAN India

Direct Contact With The Stakeholders & Programmers (Pan India)

The regional teams are in direct contact with each of the cinemas in their circuit, irrespective of the other digital cinema operators.

At the head office in Mumbai, one team is centrally in touch with Stakeholders, and simultaneously, the regional team follows up with the local properties in their circuit.

Cinemas are widely spread across geographical locations, and UFO teams have connected with the cinemas in the major cities and the smallest towns.

Key Numbers

Movies Distributed

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Movie Marketing

Trailer Build-Up, Launch And Amplification

In the UFO cinema network, sneak peeks and trailers for movies are widely screened over a longer period of time.

UFO also promotes the films on its social and digital platforms.


Release Date : 11th Nov, 2022


Release Date : 01st Dec, 2022


Release Date : 09th Dec, 2022


Release Date : 30th Dec, 2022


Release Date : 22nd Dec, 2022


Release Date : 18th Nov, 2022


Release Date : 25th Nov, 2022


Release Date : 29th May, 2024

Movies in UFO Film Distribution

Extensive Ground Level Publicity

UFO aims to engage the audience in a way that creates a personalised and long-lasting cinematic experience, as well as meaningful interactions overtime.

Sound Bytes & Interaction With Key Stakeholders

Cast and crew bytes are amplified across UFO digital assets.

Multi-Platform Digital Promotion

Movie trailers, teasers, snippets, and actor bytes can be promoted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Plexigo by way of posts and stories.

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