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UFO provides digital cinema technology and reaches to more than 5000 screens across the country, enabling producers and distributors to release films using UFO Moviez satellite technology and physical drives in case of DCI enabled screens. Digital prints greatly eliminate the risk of piracy along with increasing the picture quality and experience. With our technology, we boost up the theatre occupancy, reach, and enable even small budget movies to reach a wider audience.

Release a movie

UFO-M4 is our satellite-based, E-Cinema movie delivery platform. Our UFO-M4 platform provides an end-to-end platform for the satellite delivery of movies (excluding movies from the major Hollywood studios), to exhibitors across India, which then exhibit our movies using our digital cinema equipment.

Digital Mastering Services

UFO and its Subsidiary Scrabble Digital Limited have state of the art mastering facilities across India equipped with 24/7 security and systems to securely the content for timely release of films.

Movie Marketing & Release

Trailer Promotions is a vertical aimed at theatrical playout of movie trailers across UFO Digital Cinema Network. Being India's largest In-Cinema advertising platform with over 3600+ Screens, ensures the widest reach of movie trailers to a discerning audience.

Club Cinema

Managers and directors of clubs, resorts, educational institutions, industrial and residential townships, housing projects and other community led associations can avail non-commercial screening of prime movie content by leveraging UFO Moviez network with the movie distributors and producers. It is a hassle-free service which enables community viewing of high-quality cinema content from old classics to fresh new releases. One can also seek complete infrastructure setup for a movie screening within their environment, or seek part services like only equipment hire or cinema screen or sound setup to deliver content in HD with 5.1 sound, using satellite technology.

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