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Managers and directors of clubs, resorts, educational institutions, industrial and residential townships, housing projects and other community-led associations can avail non-commercial screening of prime movie content by leveraging UFO Moviez network with the movie distributors and producers. It is a hassle-free service which enables community viewing of high-quality cinema content from old classics to fresh new releases. One can also seek complete infrastructure set-up for a movie screening within their campus or seek part services like only renting equipment or cinema screen or sound setup to deliver content in HD with 5.1 sound, using satellite technology.


Access to latest movies in Indian languages such as – Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, etc

Satellite enabled, convenience-based screening

Access to premium content from our curated film library

Seating capacity ranging from 30-40 seaters to 300-400 seaters

Charged on actual number of screenings


We provide digital cinema system on purchase and rental basis

We facilitate hassle-free sourcing of content

We assist in complete turnkey satellite film projection

We provide manpower training for independent operation

We provide HD digital prints with 5.1 audio


Corporate screenings are a great source for employee engagement, resulting in bonding and productivity.

A more personalized and wholesome movie watching experience.

Boosts club memberships and growth of F&B business.

A convenient source of entertainment for remote industrial townships.

Effective for fund raising, edutainment and training purposes.

On-campus recreational option for educational campuses.

Distributors can reach a wider base of audience.

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