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About Us

We are the first one to enable cinema digitization with satellite technology in India. That also makes us the largest in-cinema advertising platform, with the power to impact almost 1.8 billion viewers annually through 3500+ screens across 1150+ cities, leading directly into the hearts of India’s Urban Heartland.

Our Profile

The largest in-cinema advertising platform, with the power to impact almost 2.1 billion viewers annually through 3600+ screens across 1200+ cities. Two powerful channels, Prime screens and Popular screens help brands reach the urban heartland making us a


Our Vision & Core Values

To be the leader in big screen entertainment by enhancing value for all stakeholders & bringing joy to people’s lives, through innovation.


Under the leadership of Mr. Sanjay Gaikwad, the Managing Director, team UFO Moviez has excelled in raising Indian cinema to global standards.

Our Network

As of December 31, 2019, our global network, along with subsidiaries and associates, runs 5279 screens across India. Among other advantages, our services help producers and distributors reduce distribution costs and effective anti-piracy security measures.

Awards & Recognition

Over the years UFO Moviez has been awarded a number of awards for its excellence in innovation and contribution to the tranformation of Indian cinema.


UFO Moviez network has expanded extensively; therefore, it operates through a number of it's subsidiaries.