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We deliver high impact advertising with the largest urban heartland cinema network by reaching the right target audience. We offer high precision and flexibility in customizing campaigns for the advertisers.

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In-cinema Advertising enables the advertisers to engage a captive audience by actively choosing and paying to experience the most premium content.

In-cinema Advertising is done on the 'mother of all screens', where brands are guaranteed to be seen and showcased. In a cinema hall, advertising is also considered a part of the viewing experience and viewers are relaxed and receptive to advertising.


By enhancing value for the stakeholders and bringing joy to people in the media dark areas of India, Caravan Talkies has emerged as the leader in rural entertainment sector.

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UFO Framez

UFO Framez' technology innovation is helping the advertisers in hyper local markets connect with a network of 400+ DSAs (Direct Sales Associates) to reach the target audience through UFO Moviez screens all over India.


Meet Our Audiences

UFO Moviez viewership profile comprises of the urban heartland which is the core target audience for all mid-market urban brands. This core target audience comprises of urban upper middle, urban middle and the aspiring urban class.