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Caravan Talkies' Movie on Wheels is our synergetic business initiative that leverages our strength of bringing movie content to the Indian hinterland - areas that do not have easy access to entertainment. Popular movies are shown 'free of cost' in the open-air setup. Along with this, we also provide 360-degree activation and brand experience solutions, including customer research, to advertisers.

About Caravan Talkies

It's a unique tool for marketers and advertisers for rural targeting. Audio-visual advertisements in a ‘non-ticketed movie show’ after sunset, coupled with day-time brand activations, forms the crux of this concept. It is an ideal mix of traditional media tools and experiential marketing. Through our platform, the rural audience gets a big screen experience, and brands can promote themselves in media-dark regions through in-cinema advertisement and brand-activation campaigns.

Researched Effectiveness

IMRB International conducted research on Caravan Talkies to assess the effectiveness of the activity across the villages, their findings have stated that: it is a great business opportunity for advertisers as it operates in villages that lack regular sources of entertainment like mobile, Internet and TV and where there are no possibilities of big-screen entertainment.
These villages have shown a great amount of interest in Caravan Talkies. The awareness about Caravan Talkies is 85% and on an average of 4.4 out of 5 audiences interviewed have liked the concept. This has also empowered rural advertisement by creating high brand and activation recall.

Spreading Smiles