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  • Preferred destination for large screen high impact advertising. With the largest urban heartland cinema network we help brands reach the right target audience. Our advertising solutions can be customised to deliver targeted advertising with zero spill over.


  • One stop destination for all cinema requirements from digital cinema to ticketing system, theatre leasing, theatre refurbishments and complete technical assistance for theatre audio sounds.

Producers & Distributors

  • Final destination for filmmakers to release, market and distribute their films.

The Disaster Artist


Happy Hardy And Heer (A)




The Grudge



Reaching the right audience and creating an Impact

We are India's largest cine media network, our 3600+ screens across 1200+ towns make us the medium you cannot ignore. Reaching urban heartland audience with both PRIME (Prime markets and premium audience) and POPULAR (Tier II/III towns and mid-market urban audience) segments. This makes us a high reach and high impact advertising medium.

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