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About ProCAT

ProCAT is a web-based platform to measure number of footfalls, and provide cinema advertisers with data-driven insights to make informed decisions to plan, review, update and evaluate their cinema ad campaigns. ProCAT encapsulates the advantages of programmatic advertising and applies it to the cinema medium for the first time.

Transparency for Advertisers & Media Planners

It was extremely difficult for advertisers to obtain transparent data, such as admits and movie performance. There was no single source available to estimate the performance of a movie or provide an audience measurement tool. These are the gaps that ProCAT addresses

Data Driven
Cinema Planning

ProCAT helps advertisers plan campaigns to reach a specific audience set and has the capability to measure the performance of the campaign. Therefore, advertisers can measure the "cost per desirable contact" similar to programmatic digital ads. ProCAT also enables advertisers to compare multiple campaigns and determine which strategies worked most effectively.

Key Features

Ability to Plan Campaigns

  • Receive Instant Budget Estimate along with estimated reach and Cost Per Desirable Contact (CPC) using historic performances of similar movies
  • Choose from the entire screen universe including India’s largest Cine Media Platform. Filter even to a specific screens, by ticket prices, screen quality (as all are proxies to audience types/markets)etc.

Post Eval Reports

  • Weekly review of ongoing campaigns is possible. Empowers advertisers to course correct.
  • The audience measurement model is a robust platform even when compared to the reported box office admits by respective trade journals and analysts
  • Admits and collections can be sliced and diced by movie, language, markets and screen type.


  • Empowers agency planners and marketers
  • An industry-first audience measurement tracker
  • Accurate footfalls can now be measured for cinema campaigns
  • Near-live review of campaign performance
  • Ability to make cinema investments as part of AV strategy
  • Automated execution
  • Guaranteed admits (pay as per delivery)
  • Data-driven cinema planning
  • Campaign delivery agnostic of movie performance
  • Helps faster initiation of campaigns
  • Increases effectiveness

Contact Information

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