Release a Movie on UFO

Procedure for releasing a movie:
Material Requirements and Acceptance Norms:
  • Content is accepted by UFO only at its Digital Labs located at Mumbai, Chennai & Hyderabad
  • The ready film content must be provided to UFO, preferably in 2 (two) Hard Drives (irrespective of film length).
  • The Hard Drives shall be provided by the Producer, and will be returned to the producer.
  • Transfer on to Hard Drives, shall be arranged directly by Producer, at the studio technically cleared by UFO. The studio booking / payment, and movement of print / negative to and from studio, will be organized by the Producer directly.
  • All material has to be made available to UFO, latest by the previous Thursday (7 days in advance), for the Friday release.
  • Any film content to be returned by UFO, shall be done so only against the original content receipt note issued to producer while accepting content. The Photo ID of the person delivering or collecting content is also required.
  • To release the film in 5.1 sound, the FINAL, EDITED, SYNCHRONIZED wav file (in non returnable DVD) must be given along with the film content
  • A copy of the film's Censor Certificate must be provided along with the film content.
Films, Trailors, Test content will not be accepted on DVD’s or CD’s.
DVD’s & CD will be accepted ONLY for audio, logos, slates & censor certificates, and will be NON RETURNABLE.
Producer Consent Letter:
  • Producer / Distributor agreeing to release a Film through UFO will provide a Consent Letter for Digital Conversion, in the prescribed format given by UFO, two weeks in advance of the release of the film.
Distributor Confirmation Letter:
  • UFO honours the Release Orders of only those Authorized Distributors, whose names are provided by the Producer in this letter.
Distributor Release Orders:
  • For the release of the film, the distributors having the rights of the film must send the "Release Order" in the prescribed format.
  • The Release Orders must be submitted to the Regional office at least 2 days (i.e. 48 hours) in advance of the release of the film, along with the payment of the Distribution Charges
  • Authorization of the playouts of the film at the respective theatres will be done on a weekly basis. Extension of the film in respective theatres will have to be done at least two days before the expiry of the license.
  • Statement of account for the Distributor will be available on request to the Distributor, on the subsequent Monday for the playbacks from Friday to Thursday
Digitization charges:
Charges per film for digitization, as per UFO's rate card, shall be payable along with the Producer Consent Letter (the DD should be drawn in favour of "UFO Moviez India Ltd.").
For further details please send your enquiries to :