UFO Digital Cinema System
After carefully studying market realities, UFO has created an end-to-end Digital Cinema Solution which has revolutionized the film distribution and exhibition system.
The Company has revolutionized the way films are distributed and exhibited through its pioneering technology, infrastructure and unique pay per show business model, bringing in a 'First Day First Show' regime for film distributors and cinema owners.
A Digital Cinema System encompasses the production, delivery and projection of full-length motion pictures, trailers, advertisements and other audio / visual programs to theatres using digital technology. In Digital Cinema a film is delivered to theatres through physical media such as hard disks or through other electronic transmission methods such as satellite.
UFO has launched an MPEG-4 technology based Digital Cinema System which provides greater flexibility, efficiency and cost savings over any other Digital Cinema solution.
MPEG-4 technology, allows reliable and speedy delivery of digitized movies through satellite. This technology further provides the great advantage of storing multiple numbers of movies in UFO server, at the theater. This storage of movies provides flexibility to schedule the number of shows with different movies, which basically creates a pseudo multiplex environment for the theater substantially increasing the revenue.
Thus, UFO has leveraged the inherent advantages of its system to truly deliver a flexible, efficient, versatile and cost-effective tailor-made Digital Cinema System to the film industry.
UFO Digital Cinema System Highlights

Satellite Based Delivery : MPEG4 format-Most bandwidth efficient technology making satellite based delivery possible – Game Changer.

Highly secure : Follows 192 bit encryption – higher security than all competing formats (128 bit encryption for DCI and MPEG2 formats).

Scalable : Allows widest geographical coverage with minimal local presence and incremental opex.

Robust : No delays/ disruptions typically associated with physical delivery, no disruptions due to weather phenomena.

Flexible : Ability to remotely manage content licensing and editing – hugely advantageous in case of last hour changes warranted by Govt actions/ special situations

Remote management : Only digital cinema format on closed group network - enabled for remote maintenance and real time monitoring – reduced downtime, superior support for exhibitors.

Real time : Ability to manage content from remote locations ideal for in cinema advertising .

Live capability : Only platform enabled for live events – showcased Live IPL in 2D and 3D .

Multilingual capabilities : Ability to download multilingual films in an efficient manner. Single visual patch download for multiple audio patches and stitched together at the theatre .

Innovation in pricing strategy : UFO has pioneered a Pay per show based pricing strategy for distributors as against common practice of deploying a Virtual Print Fee (VPF) charge .